Amorim Cork Factory

The purpose of the Landscape Architecture proposal for Amorim's cork factory is to improve a path that connects the factory entrance to the new machinery room (located at the opposite end of the plot), which occasionally receives groups of visitors. The project's challenge is to create a route that, through different strategies, presents a narrative about the importance of cork and the preservation of cork oak forests, reflecting Amorim's three pillars: economic, social and environmental.


Through this narrative, it is intended that the path gives to the visitors an immersive experience of reflection on the history of cork and its people, introducing the emotion necessary to create beauty in an apparently harsh environment. A journey that aims to be surprising and dynamic, like cork itself, and which in the end will further strengthen Amorim for visitors and for all employees


To implement this concept, the following measures are proposed:

Requalification of degraded areas / objects

Inclusion of vegetation

Inclusion of occasional artistic interventions

Lighting improvement


Technical Sheet:

Landscape architecture Project:Neoturf

Phase: project not bulit

Year: 2020




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