Green Walls . Living walls . Vertical Gardens


The installation of vegetation on a façade can be achieved through several techniques:

_ climbing plants,

_ vegetation systems supported by cables and nets;

_ decumbent plantations

_vertical gardens / Living walls

The careful development of a project can combine techniques that complement each other in order to achieve the best possible result, with the lowest cost of installation and future maintenance.

Neoturf green wall systems has important sustainability characteristics in addition to the numerous technical advantages:
_ full vegetation cover after instalation

_ minimal water consumption (in some cases water 10 minutes a week)

_minimal need for maintenance

_ plants larger than normal

_ demountable structure allow transporting the system to another location

_possibility of individualized exchange of plants (excellent  to ad season flowers for events or in case of need for treatments)

_ system produced with sea plastic waste;

_ patented system

_ beeing successfully installed for more than 10 years!

Consult us and have a piece of nature in your home!








Photo 1: Neoturf office in Matosinhos






Photo 2 and 3: Porto Office Park (green wall projecto / instalation / fertiirrigation / maintenance by Neoturf)











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