A landscape architecture project is, above all, the correct adaptation of a free space into to a place of contact with nature, with particular objectives and diverse.

The landscape, climate and vegetation are different from region to region, and green spaces should not change this harmony.

Not only the gardens in nature are influenced by the character of the natural, in the cities, streets and gardens enclosed by buildings are much influenced by the weather, sky brightness, cheerful or melancholy atmosphere, the history or the traditions of the place among other factors that are inseparable.

The start of a project begins with careful observation of all the elements that influence the identity of the place, and therefore the garden, to understanding its spirit and essence: the local vegetation, the gardens near the pace of landscape, architectural details, materials typical, local traditions, and customs.

A private garden has to harmonize with the house and reflect the tastes, customs and requirements of its owners. In this sense, it is also necessary to perform the analysis of the way of life of people who will take advantage of that space, so that the project fits perfectly with their lifestyle, preferences and availability.

Neoturf sees landscape architecture projects, whether public or private, as the result of an inter-disciplinary team. It will not be the predominant feature of the architecture or the study of drainage engineering, or even the vision of the uses and customs data sociology, is the interesting building, teamwork, a concept that results in the best outcome thin, l within the objectives proposed and respect for the natural landscape.

Neoturf participates in projects in several ways. Or as project leader of landscape architecture as a whole, or technical advice in the area of ​​engineering: hydraulic and others in assessment and intervention forestry, etc. ..

Briefly, Neoturf works in all technical areas necessary for the development of sustainable and pleasant green spaces: terrain modeling, preparation of soils, botanical choices, drainage, irrigation systems, lighting, outdoor furniture, etc. ..

To solve many challenges, Neoturf itself has a team consisting of licensed professionals in the areas of Landscape Architecture and Agricultural Engineering. This team is in ongoing development projects as well as research develops.

Thus the Neoturf offers its customers the guarantee that always achieve the best outcome creative and technical, within the expected costs.


The work of landscape architecture landscape is to man, is something unreal that only depends on the perception of the senses.




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