Maintaining a garden is to do it develop properly!


The maintenance operations of a garden are a number of interventions required throughout the year, towards the correct answer to the existing plants demands.

It is important to realize that plants, unlike animals, lack the ability to walk, so all their needs should be fulfil locally.

On the other hand, maintenance aims the proper evolution of the garden. So it is necessary well-trained teams with up-to-date knowledge, the appropriate machinery, under the command of experienced and available technicians.

The maintenance of a garden is not just mow the lawn and clean! Maintaining a garden is to do it properly evolve, attending to its needs!

It is also important to consider the pests, plant diseases and nutritional deficiencies, among other situations that only a experienced and attentive team can identify early and before damages.

The irrigation systems also require some maintenance and tuning to avoid compromise their function. Irrigation pumps and all the other elements have to be prepared to ensure proper distribution of water during times of drought.

Finally, the Price. It is important to give attention to this factor, since there is a disparity between the various proposals of the market.

Nothing like selecting proposals of green spaces professionals, and whenever possible to verify the work already undertaken by such companies.

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