Neoturf : value = price 

The gardeners and technicians responsible for the construction sector at Neoturf represents trust, cooperation, attention and knowledge of the field.

The technicians and the design team work closely in order to do a proper analysis of the project (and consequent tender documents).

Due to Neoturf’s field experience, sometimes, the technicians warn the planners for some situations they consider important, if it’s not resolved in the tender documents. From this activity arise strict budgets that Neoturf wishes to fulfil with no "surprises" when making the final accounts. Therefore, budgets have the same values on final invoice.

Concerning the materials to be employed, Neoturf does not grant exclusivity to any vendor. Our only concern is that the quality of the materials applied equals the quality specified in the tender documents.

Thereby, all materials are chosen according to the tender documents and plant species are inspected at the nurseries.

The relationship with customers is transparent. If the need for a supply of materials and / or extra services arises, these are invoiced according to pre-agreed unit prices, or after acceptance of supplementary budget by the customer.

Finally the price. It is worth mentioning the price, since it is known to all the disparity between the various proposals in the market.

As with everything in life, common sense makes you suspect of the cheapest and the most expensive, although it can be assured that cheap comes out expensive.

Bearing in mind that, a serious flaw in land preparation, it’s only corrected by destroying what was done. So it could be a total loss!

It is advisable to select the proposals of green spaces professionals, and whenever possible to verify the work already undertaken by such companies.

The execution of contracts for gardens should answer the following demands:

• Rigorous implementation of budgets
• Permanent contact with the customer / project owner
• Strict planning work
• Careful choice of materials
• Use of correct techniques
• Perfection in the finishing


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